Xinrui Group is China's high-quality wheat protein & soy protein production base. 
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Achieving Extreme Prosperity, Enjoying Life
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Achieving Extreme Prosperity, Enjoying Life

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We pursue an extreme perfection.

It is not only an idea, but also an attitude.

We pay attention to every detail, take cyclic development as the core, and devote ourselves to providing more valuable green agricultural products for global customers.

XINRUI -- China's high-quality wheat protein / soybean protein production base

Professionalism is a spirit.

Adhering to professionalism, we have successfully developed a series of intensive processing products concerning wheat and soybeans whicha dapt to the needs of global customers. With a total asset of RMB 1.7 billion, integrating base planting, scientific and technological R & D, agricultural product processing and import & export trade, the Company is China's first-class integrated supplier of modernized agricultural products.

Concentration is a belief.

We have established an integrated control system regarding product R & D, supply chain management, service support and marketing, and realized the whole industry chain operation including planting, terminal products and after-sales services, with excellent quality.

Our core products, including wheat flour, wheat starch, wheat gluten, alcohol, high protein feed,Non-GMO soybean oil, soy protein isolate and soy dietary fiber, are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

We have been advocating green agriculturalcircular economy, and have made independent innovations on two circular economic industry chains.

With wheat as the raw material, our 300kt/a intensive processing wheat industry chain successively extracts a series of flour, i.e., special fine steamed bread flour, flour for dumplings, individualized nutrition powder, acid baking powder. Then, wheat gluten, wheat starch A, starch B and pentosan will be extracted and transformed into special-grade and superior alcohol products and feed. With internationally advanced manufacturing technology, we have achieved fully-enclosed clean production, and reached China's advanced level in terms of scale, equipment, technology and product quality.

With Non-GMO soybeans as the raw material, our 180kt/a integrated intensive processing soybean industry chain successively extracts soybean oil, low-temperature food-grade soybean meal, protein isolate, dietary fiber, etc. For manufacturing technology, the single line capacity of core equipment exceeds 12,500t, leading the industry. 

After high protein feed is extracted from industrial wastewater, biogas can be extracted by fermentation, and form abiogas power generation supply chain. The produced sludge and production waste will become organic fertilizer processing materials, and be restored into the Company's planting base, thereby, achieving the recycling of exhaust gas, wastewater and waste materials, and forming a fully circular economic industry mode: base planting -- intensive process -- liquid cultivation -- biogas power generation -- water resource reuse -- organic fertilizer processing -- basesoil remediation.

Sticking to innovation, we have achieved dozens of scientific research results, passed ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP certification, HALAL certification, KOSHER certification, IP Non-GMO certification, as well as BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification, and have been highly recognized by global customers.

Extreme perfection is an attitude. 

We seek whole process quality management, and select the best-quality raw materials. Both raw materials and products must undergo the strictest tests so as to guarantee quality.

With the idea of great services, we have established strategic cooperation with numerous first-class customers. In China, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc., we can provide more valuable products and all-round after-sales services for more and more customers.

Today, we are actively building a chain-based circular economic system, which integrates characteristic wheat, Non-GMO soybean planting, intensive processing of agricultural products and "Internet + marketing" engineering and is characterized by the integration of three industries, focusing on customer demands to create value for them, and striving to be a world-class supplier of wheat and soybean health products, with safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency.

XINRUI allows you to achieve extreme prosperity and enjoy life!

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