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Isolated soy protein Functions
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Isolated soy protein Functions

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The protein separated from soybean meal. They contain more than 90% protein. The basic principle of producing SPI is simple. Using defatted soybean flakes as raw materials, protein is first dissolved in water. The solution is separated from the solid residue. Finally, the protein is washed out of the solution, separated and dried. 


Isolated soy protein is a kind of surfactant, which can reduce the surface tension of water and oil as well as air. It is easy to form stable emulsion. In the process of making baked food, frozen food and soup food, adding soy protein isolate as emulsifier can make the product stable.

Oil Absorption:

Isolated soy protein can be added into meat products to form emulsion and gel matrix to prevent fat from moving to the surface. Therefore, it can promote fat absorption or fat binding. It can reduce the loss of fat and juice during the processing of meat products, help maintain the stability of appearance, and the oil absorption rate of protein separated is 154%.


It has high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity. It can be used not only as a carrier of water, but also as a carrier of flavoring agent, sugar and other complexes, which is very beneficial to food processing.

Foaming property:  

In soy protein, the foaming property of protein isolate is the best. The foaming property of soybean protein can give loose structure and good taste to food.


When the meat is chopped, the mixture of protein isolate and egg protein is applied on the surface of the fiber to form a thin film, which is easy to dry, can prevent odor loss, is conducive to the rehydration process, and provides a reasonable structure for the rehydrated products.

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