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You are here: Home » News » What are the applications of organic wheat gluten
What are the applications of organic wheat gluten
You are here: Home » News » What are the applications of organic wheat gluten

What are the applications of organic wheat gluten

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Vital Wheat Gluten is one of the most popular healthy foods. What role does wheat gluten play in the food industry? What are the advantages of organic wheat gluten

l What is organic wheat gluten

l What is the use of organic wheat gluten in food

l What are the health effects of organic wheat gluten

What is organic wheat gluten

Vital Wheat Gluten has unique properties and is widely used in the food industry and feed industry for the preparation of edible films, bioactive small peptides and other products. Gluten flour, also known as active gluten flour and wheat gluten protein, is a natural protein extracted from wheat (flour). It is composed of a variety of amino acids. The protein content is as high as 75% to 85%. It is a nutrient-rich vegetable protein resource. It has viscosity, elasticity, extensibility, film formability and liposuction. Gluten is an excellent dough improver, which is widely used in the production of bread, noodles and instant noodles. It is used as a water-retaining agent in meat products, and it is also the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic feed.

What is the use of organic wheat gluten in food

1. The application of organic wheat gluten in bread flour can significantly improve the water absorption rate of dough, increase dough elasticity, air retention, dough kneading resistance and stability, and significantly improve the internal structure and baking quality of bread. And due to the high protein content of gluten, Maillard reaction often occurs during the baking process, resulting in an attractive aroma, which can improve the quality of bread.

2. organic wheat gluten can also improve the elasticity of foods. For example, after adding gluten to the fish cake, the gluten is restored to a ductile gluten network structure due to water absorption. After kneading, it is evenly mixed with the fish meat. Through heating, the gluten continuously absorbs water and heat denatures, strengthening the fish cake. The elasticity of the sausage; the use of gluten denatured by reducing agents or enzymes in the production of sausage products can enhance the elasticity of sausages.

3. Using wheat gluten as raw material, the edible film prepared has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, edible and degradable properties, and is often used as the substrate of edible film. Studies have shown that the edible film made from gluten has an ideal fresh-keeping effect.

What are the health effects of organic wheat gluten

The traditional view holds that protein plays a nutritional role in food, and protein can only be absorbed and utilized by the human body after it is decomposed into free amino acids. However, in recent years, studies have found that after digestion in the human body, proteins are mostly in the form of small peptides composed of 2-7 amino acid molecules, and then directly absorbed by the intestinal tract, and the proportion of amino acids absorbed is very small. At present, the extraction of bioactive small peptides from gluten has become a hot spot in functional food research.

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