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What is vital wheat gluten used for
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What is vital wheat gluten used for

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The products of vital wheat gluten remained very popular. What is the historical development of vital wheat gluten? What are the functions and uses of wheat gluten?

l What is the development of vital wheat gluten

l What is the advantage of vital wheat gluten

l What is vital wheat gluten used for

What is the development of vital wheat gluten

The study of cereal protein has a history of 250 years, Beccari first confirmed the existence of wheat protein in 1728. Since then, researchers have never stopped studying wheat protein. Among them, TBOsborne, who is known as the father of plant protein chemistry, has been more influential. He divided wheat proteins into different types according to their solubility in a series of solvents: water soluble. albumin, salt-soluble globulin, alcohol-soluble prolamin, and water- and alcohol-insoluble glutenin.

What is the advantage of vital wheat gluten

1. Gluten is a substance obtained after wheat flour is washed with water to remove starch and water-soluble components. In production, it generally refers to water-insoluble protein, which also includes a certain content of lipids (about 10%) and water-insoluble starch. Wheat gluten and bran are often used as feedstuffs as by-products of wheat starch processing.

2. With the in-depth research and the food industry's demand for additives, the value of wheat gluten goes far beyond the wheat starch itself. The research on the deep processing and functional food using gluten as raw material has also attracted more and more attention. Especially after the discovery of wheat protein peptides with various biological activities, such as antioxidant, antihypertensive, and immunity-enhancing activities, the extraction of biologically active small peptides from gluten has become a research hotspot, which is the deep processing of gluten. an important part of research.

What is vital wheat gluten used for

wheat gluten flour, also known as active wheat gluten flour and wheat gluten protein, is a natural protein extracted from wheat (flour). It is composed of a variety of amino acids. The protein content is as high as 75% to 85%, and it contains fifteen kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. , is a nutrient-rich vegetable protein resource. It has viscosity, elasticity, extensibility, film forming and liposuction. wheat gluten is an excellent dough improver, widely used in the production of bread, noodles and instant noodles. It can be used as a water-retaining agent in meat products, and it is also the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic feed. At present, gluten is also used as a high-efficiency green flour gluten enhancer in China. It is used in the production of high-wheat gluten flour and special flour for bread, and the amount of addition is not limited. Gluten is also an effective way to increase the content of vegetable protein in food. method.

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