Xinrui Group is China's high-quality wheat protein & soy protein production base. 
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Guanxian Xinrui Group – China Plant Protein R&D and Producation Base
You are here: Home » News » Guanxian Xinrui Group – China Plant Protein R&D and Producation Base

Guanxian Xinrui Group – China Plant Protein R&D and Producation Base

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Guanxian Xinrui Group is located in Guanxian Industrial Zone, founded in 2003, covers an area of more than 700 fields, with a total assets of 1.3 billion yuan, more than 1,000 employees. Based on the strategy of comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental protection, the overall industrial layout of the company has been developing for more than ten years, has developed into a scientific and technological research and development, intensive processing of agricultural products, import and export trade as one of the provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. The way of zero-emission circular economy development from wheat and soybean primary processing, intensive processing, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse to sludge production of organic fertilizer for soil improvement and rehabilitation has been preliminarily realized. The company's brand products sell well around more than 20 provinces and cities, and exported to Southeast Asia, South, the Middle East, Norway, Russia and more than 40 countries and regions, product quality excellence, well received by customers at home and abroad. Has been identified by the Shandong provincial government as "Provincial-level key, leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in Shandong province”, and the top 10 grain and oil industrial park.

The company at this stage vigorously develops wheat, soybean two major circular economy industrial chains.

1.Wheat industry chain (Guanxian XinRui Industrial Co. , Ltd.)

The group began to develop 300,000 tons of wheat processing industry in 2007. The industry chain is to give priority to extracting high value-added refined flour from wheat. Vital Wheat gluten and superior starch were extracted from secondary flour with lower added value by downstream workshop, (Vital Wheat Gluten is used in high-gluten flour compounding, vegetarian food processing, and superior starch is used in the processing of Vermicelli, cold powder and other products.) The starch pulp composed of residual secondary starch and Pentosan was used to extract food-grade alcohol and medical alcohol through saccharification and fermentation in the production line of alcohol.

2.The soybean industry chain (Shandong Kawah Oils Co. , Ltd.)

On the basis of summarizing the successful experience of wheat industry chain, the company developed 180,000 tons of soybean deep processing industry chain in 2015. Non-GMO soybean oil and food-grade soybean meal were produced from non-GMO soybean. Soybean meal can be used in food processing industry such as 1,000-page Bean Curd, meatball, ham, chafing dish and so on, it can be used in industries such as ketchup and dietary supplement.


The high concentration organic wastewater from the production of wheat and soybean industry chain was transported to the wastewater treatment plant. The remaining high-concentration organic wastewater is converted into biogas by anaerobic fermentation, and the biogas is purified and desulphurized, and then used in power generation or steam supply industry chain. After anaerobic treatment of wastewater by aerobic treatment and then advanced treatment to achieve the recycling water standard as heat and power co-generation boiler make-up water, industrial chain recycling water. The sludge from sewage treatment was fermented at high temperature after dehydration and processed into organic fertilizer, which was used to improve the soil remediation and improve the yield and quality of crops. The wheat and soybean produced by the base are used as raw materials in the industrial chain, thus realizing the development of closed-cycle economy from wheat and soybean planting, intensive processing, sewage treatment to soil improvement and rehabilitation of the planting base.

4.High-efficiency circular agricultural products deep processing project

The 2021 Company actively adapts to the new situation, develops new forms of business, relies on the national rural revitalization industrial policy, takes the industrial prosperity as the lead, encircles the agricultural circular economy chain to extend the strong chain, raises the file to upgrade, an investment of 220 million yuan will be made to build a new project for intensive processing of highly efficient circular agricultural products. The first phase of the project started construction in February of 21, and the trial operation was realized at the end of December. By means of upgrading and building new production line, the project improves the original gluten production line, three new wheat gluten production lines, two wheat starch production lines, sludge and production waste material conversion of organic fertilizer production lines, the project to low value-added secondary flour as raw materials, to build digital, intelligent chemical plants, reduce labor by 40% and energy consumption by 15% , and realize on-line quality real-time monitoring, standardized production, greatly improve product quality, to meet the differentiated and specific needs of different customers, at the same time into the terminal market, the product directly to the dinner table. By upgrading the advanced treatment process of wastewater to further improve the utilization rate of water resources; by reusing sludge and production waste into organic fertilizer back to the field, raw materials are all eaten and squeezed, leaving no waste, finally achieve the whole industry chain of green closed-loop management.

The company’s main products are Vital Wheat Gluten, wheat starch, food-grade alcohol, non-GMO soybean oil, soy protein isolate, soybean dietary fiber, etc. , among them, Vital Wheat Gluten, soy protein isolate and soybean dietary fiber products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, and are the key export enterprises in Liaocheng (Guanxian Ruichang Trading Co. , Ltd.) . With the continuous development and growth of the company, the management system has been gradually internationalized, certification through the most stringent food quality and safety system, such as BRC, HACCP, ISO 9000 & 14000, HALAL, KOSHER and so on. In order to open up the market and stable market, we actively participate in various industry exhibitions and seminars at home and abroad, and achieved good results.

The company insists the concept of“Integrity”, “Competition”, “Responsibility” and“Innovation” and the core values, and Shandong Liaocheng University‘s Dongchang College, Institute of Agricultural Product Processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions of high-standard learning, and actively recruit external professional engineers, and constantly develop high-tech, distinctive and competitive products. It is implementing projects such as wheat silk protein, soybean protein concentrate, anhydrous ethanol, high-temperature fermentation of sludge organic fertilizer, high-efficiency wastewater reuse, etc. . At the same time, the company continues to upgrade through technology, optimize existing projects, and improve the management level, product quality to obtain continuous recognition and support of customers.

Looking forward to the future, with the continuous care of government departments at all levels, the group’s chairman, General Manager and colleagues in the strong cooperation, the company has always insisted on standardized management, stable development, and seek opportunities in stability, to seek development in reform, to insist on development and management as an important task, to emphasize the quality of economic operation, to make full use of the company's overall advantages, to actively adjust business strategies, and to strengthen the control of business risks, following the development path of scientific and technological innovation and constantly exploring new products, adhering to the policy of independent development and co-existence of industry, university and research, and planning and layout in accordance with industry standards and requirements, to condense the technology target, improve the innovation ability and train the high-quality scientific research personnel, to realize the industrialization of science and technology, to develop more high-tech products to meet the market demand, to produce the generation, to reserve the generation, to develop a new generation of plant protein extraction and application enterprises with sustainable and innovative development, to promote scientific and technological progress in the industry and strive to be a leader in the industry, we are committed to making Xinrui group a leading plant protein production base in China.

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