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You are here: Home » News » What are the advantages of hydrolyzed wheat protein
What are the advantages of hydrolyzed wheat protein
You are here: Home » News » What are the advantages of hydrolyzed wheat protein

What are the advantages of hydrolyzed wheat protein

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hydrolyzed wheat protein is a nutrient that is often added to foods. What is hydrolyzed wheat protein used for? What are the characteristics of hydrolyzed wheat protein?

l What is vital wheat gluten

l What are the characteristics of hydrolyzed wheat protein

l What is hydrolyzed wheat protein used for

What is vital wheat gluten

When the heat dough is kneaded and washed in water, part of its starch granules and bran particles are separated from the dough and become suspended, the other part is dissolved in water, and the remaining part is a lumpy rubber-like substance called gluten. Unlike other proteins, wheat gluten is less sensitive to heat and needs to be heated to about 80°C to gel. This shows that most of the molecules in the gluten are S-S cross-links, that is, the gluten protein is composed of a firm tertiary or quaternary structure. Therefore, if the S-S cross-links of gluten are cut with a reducing agent, its thermal sensitivity is significantly improved.

What are the characteristics of hydrolyzed wheat protein

1. Gliadin has ductility, glutenin has elasticity, and can form a network structure with water, so it has excellent viscoelasticity, extensibility, water absorption, liposuction and emulsification, film forming characteristics and light mellow or slightly grainy flavor. and other unique physical properties.

2. The gliadin molecule in wheat protein is spherical, with a relatively small molecular weight (25,000-100,000), with extensibility, but small elasticity; glutenin molecules are fibrous, with a relatively large molecular weight (above 100,000), with elasticity , but the extension is small. The combined action of these two makes wheat protein a unique viscoelasticity that other plant proteins do not have.

What is hydrolyzed wheat protein used for

1. Some of the polypeptides generated by incomplete hydrolysis of wheat protein have certain physiological activities, such as inhibiting hypertension and improving immunity.

2. wheat protein has a wide range of uses in food, and can be used as food preservation agent, emulsifier, foaming agent, chewing gum base, used in wine, edible artificial casing, cheese, acidic beverage, edible thin film, protein film Processing of food, baked goods, breakfast cereals, pet food and meat products.

3. Utilizing wheat gluten enhances dough strength, retains gas and controls expansion for consistent bread volume. The water absorption and retention properties of wheat gluten improve product yield, keep bread soft, extend shelf life, enhance natural taste, etc., and can produce a variety of high-quality bread products.

4. To produce dried noodles, add 1% to 2% active gluten, because the dough is well formed, the softness is increased, and the gluten strength is increased, so the production is convenient and the touch is improved. It is used to produce boiled noodles, which can improve the yield of boiled noodles, prevent noodles from being too soft or broken, and delay the extension of noodles.

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