Xinrui Group is China's high-quality wheat protein & soy protein production base. 
High Quality Protein (min 82%) Vital Wheat Gluten Flour For Baking Industry
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High Quality Protein (min 82%) Vital Wheat Gluten Flour For Baking Industry


Product Description

Product Specification

Brand Name


Model Number



Light Yellow

Protein(dry basis,Nx6.25,50

Min 82


Max 8.0


Max 1.0

Ash(dry basis,%)

Max 1.0

Water Absorption Rate(%)

Min 160

Particle Size(80 mesh,%)

Min 95

Total plate count

Max 20000cfu/g






  • Transports package Usually we provide the packing as 25kg/bag or ton bag.Also we can customize for you.

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder

Product Description

  • Specification:Wheat gluten is separated and extracted from high-quality wheat by three-phase separation technology. It contains 15 kinds of essential amino acids and has many characteristics such as strong water absorption, viscoelasticity, extensibility, film formability, adhesion thermocoagulability, liposuction emulsification and so on.

  • payment:T/T or L/C

  • After Sales Service:

1. We will provide complete customs clearance documents according to the export policies of different countries, and timely arrange orders and shipments.
2. We have a monthly capacity of 3,000 tons and a warehouse with 3,000 tons of inventory to ensure customer storage and delivery time.
3. We have a professional production technical team and quality inspection team.
4.Our price is competitive, if there is any quality problem, we can take full responsibility.
5. We provide price trends to ensure that customers keep abreast of market information.

  • Company description:

XINRUI GROUP was established in May 2003, covering a total area of more than 1,000 mu, after several years of development, formed GUANXIAN XINRUI WOODEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with annual production quantity of 300,000 cubic meters of density board in 3- residual comprehensive deep processing forestry industry, people's livelihood cogeneration, urban heating, gas supply; From 2017, GUANXIAN XINRUI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. deeply processes 300,000 tons of wheat annually; From 2014, SHANDONG KAWAH OILS CO., LTD. deeply processes 180,000 tons of soybean annually; WHEAT AND NON-GMO SOYBEAN PLANTING BASES, formed diversified industrial group company, achieved an annual output of 2.8 billion yuan. GUANXIAN RUICHANG TRADING CO., LTD. exports 40,000 metric tons of wheat gluten and soy protein isolate annually, integrating industry and trade.

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder

Vital Wheat Gluten Powder



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